Advertising on social media platforms is very useful for the investor, so that it can be customized to the target audience through a set of keywords, in order to track the effectiveness of advertising with a strategy of examining response patterns and reusing information in creating wider and more meaningful advertising campaigns in the future.

Today, the idea of advertising has gone beyond physical reality and television screens to be replaced with Virtual reality, investing everything that is digital and electronic in which people communicate together on different social media platforms, and these platforms have become a huge part of people’s life.

To expand further in the marketing field and advertising on social media platforms, follow what will say in this article.

Social media advertising formats

Marketers focus on attracting the public and building communities by measuring the response pattern, as well as sharing useful and meaningful content. They prefer paid advertising because it is more effective and popular among users to reach the target audience on different social media platforms and it is one of the most important advantages of social media advertising which are:

Facebook Ads:

It is one of the largest platforms that brings together the largest number of users, providing advertisers with important opportunities to reach the target audience within accurate searches based on location, job, interests, past activities and other standards.

Where an advertisement is designed and linked with a page to target the required audience and the customers are answered through the auto responder. Here are some tips for making an attractive ad on Facebook:

  • An ad should be designed suitable for each audience in which reflects their interest, fits their personality and includes meaningful content.
  • Also don’t forget to use the Emoji as an effective tool to click on the ad.
  • don’t overuse similar audiences so you don’t lose the possibility of your ad appearing to important customers.
  • On the other hand, create attractive ads for expecting customers to introduce the brand to them and then attach targeting ads with powerful attractions and offers.

Instagram Ads:

Marketing on this platform is highly popular on Facebook, for many reasons. First, the age group of users ranges from 18 to 35 years with 65% with the increasing number of females, knowing that they tend to have graphic and visual content, especially when it comes to business activities.

  • First focus on real audiences and email and then direct to similar audiences with the addition of suitable hash tags for customers interested in your products and services.
  • Instagram is a visual communication platform so you should focus on designing real attractive photos away from Stock Photo.

Twitter Ads:

One of the most important global websites for major brands that relies on users to try their new products for up to 53% of them.

Companies are Social Media Agency in UAE  relying on Twitter to promote their products in order to spread awareness of their brand and reach the largest number of customers, using Twitter Cards that contain detailed explanations with marketing photos and videos.

  • In the beginning, the advertisement must be clear and directed to a specific group of the target audience so that it does not cause distraction when it is general.
  • On the other hand, you should use the CTA procedure to guide the user of the advertised product
  • You should also use shortened content when you promote on Twitter in a tweet or a page in which the ad is directed.
  • The images should be attractive and suitable for the brand, away from interactive videos and images.

Snapchat Ads:

It is considered one of the least popular platforms not like Facebook and Instagram due to the lack of users in it.  Despite this, the targeting users on Snapchat are not more than 24 years and they form less than 60% on this platform.

So there are some tips for a more effective ad on Snapchat:

  • In the beginning, the content provided must be fun and creative, because Snapchat is a platform for fun and innovation.
  • Also, a CTA action must be taken with a video that does not exceed 6 seconds, including only one advertising message.
  • Use an attractive title with meaningful content that encourages viewers to follow the story when you advertise on Story Ad.

YouTube Ads:

This platform can control virtual world advertising and set aside all social media platforms, because it targets the largest number of audience, with equal number of males and females of all age groups from 15 to 65 years, especially the educated ones.

Advertising on this platform is in different forms:

  1. True View ads: They appear at the beginning of each video you want to watch for a short time with the option to skip the video after 5 seconds, and therefore advertisers focus on the importance of the content within the five seconds.
  2. The non-skippable YouTube ads: They appear in the first and middle of the video for a period not exceeding 20 seconds and the viewer may not focus on them, so you should rely on broadcasting targeted and attractive audio content.
  3. Bumper Ads: They are Ads with 6-second, non-skippable visual content with single-directed ad content as well as action.

Social Media Marketing Plan

In order to get positive results from your advertising campaign, and your products be on top the front pages in terms of buying demand, product interest and finally getting the required financial return, you must follow the following steps:

1) In the beginning, the full awareness towards the required goal to be achieved, whether in increasing sales, increasing page visitors or introducing more to the brand.

2) You must determine the people you want to direct the product or service to, whether male or female, adult or young, or according to the standards of living.

3) On the other hand, the process of identifying the social media platform that you will be interested in advertising on and the presence of your target audience.

4) It is also very important to update data continuously on your profile and to add new and important information to attract the audience.

5) The full budget for the advertisement is very important whether it is for the cost of the advertisement or for the financial expected return.

6) Monitoring customer response performance is necessary to improve the quality of advertising appearing on the site, for example (if you see a high clicking-on ratio, but without real conversion rates or “interaction” from customers you need to modify your content).

7)In addition to the basic point of monitoring and analyzing competitors in the same field to recognize the most important weaknesses and strengths to avoid falling in the weak position and take advantage of the success achieved by them.

8) Also don’t forget to pay attention to the content that will be offered to the audience and follow the update and innovation in this field. Pre-planning for published content and commitment to publishing times, keeps the brand in mind and brings it closer to the customer.

Social media marketing basics

It is important for the Advertiser to take care of the following aspects to achieve the goal of the advertisement:

  1. First, you should pay attention to the content provided to the target audience, focusing on awareness of the product provided by the type of customer and continuous updating and development. Commitment is also necessary to build trust with customers and respect time.
  2.  Also, the use of redirect links is very important for its simplicity and organization, as it is used to track and extract data such as the number and source of clicks … and others
  3. Choose the right environment for users and seek access to the content of the groups they care about.
  4. Always develop, update the product and service and ensure that the audience can pay the full amount, in addition to developing the product to reach the expectations that satisfy the customers and increase the demand for purchase from the site.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Constant and easy communication with your customers to understand their needs
  2. Also the low cost compared to traditional advertising.
  3. You can also know people’s thoughts and impressions of your company’s brand.
  4. Attracting visitors and followers and targeting private clients.
  5. Stimulating customers’ feedback on social media channels.
  6. The rapid spread through Social media management.

Social media advertising properties

There are many questions on how to exploit social media platforms to reach a successful advertisement. It is not easy to target a specific audience, as this means studying it in terms of age group, needs and requirements necessary to achieve customer satisfaction and gain confidence. You should know the following characteristics:

  • Some models need to be advertised to a group of sponsors as these are paid to buy advertising spaces or slots, to create creative advertising content templates to attract audiences.
  • When the advertising is flexible, upgradable and up-to-date; it provides advertisers the ability to calculate profit by measuring performance by increasing the number of viewers and interactions with advertising.
  • Advertisers always aim to promote and market a particular product in order to increase the demand for it.
  • It also depends on the basic data related to the target audience and how they interact with the ad post and this is one of the most important advantages of marketing on social media.
  • Finally, some advertisements may be of a high level of specialization directed to the user’s activity, or non-personal, for brand awareness.

Finally, to get the required results from advertising on social media you need to take care of your advertising method and  to the standards required to achieve the required investment return, in addition to the fact that the success of your advertising campaign is linked to your target audiences, and their interaction with the content you provide, so make your style flexible, updatable and directed to the goal required to achieve success in your business.

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