Benefits of visual content has become more widespread with the development of the digital world, and this industry is considered to be of great importance in digital marketing strategies. Whereas, 86 % of brands indicated that they use the visual content industry as a marketing tool. Also, 93 % of Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE said: The visual content industry is a very important and essential part of their marketing strategy.

  Also, the improvement of search engines depended on the textual content industry, while not focusing on the visual content industry.  However, this strategy is no longer sufficient nowadays, because the visual content industry is what makes your brand stand out from the rest.  As many as 65 % of people are visual learners.

Why is visual content important?

According to studies by visualteachingalliance:

  1. The eye can process 36,000 visual messages per hour.
  2. Sensations in the visual scene can be felt in less than 1/10 of a second.
  3.  90 % of the information that reaches the brain is visual information.
  4. The brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than any text.
  5.  There is no denying the fact that visual content is better processed, produces much faster interaction, and gets a stronger reaction than any other type of content.
  6.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so brands must create a story that is relevant to their business and that adheres to the brand’s marketing goals.

How effective is visual content?

There is no denying the fact that visuals are processed better, and they produce much faster as well as a stronger reaction than any other type of content. Scientifically speaking, visual stimuli, and emotional response – such as surprise, shock, happy, inspired, confused – are linked together in the brain, which leads to making memories.

– Visual elements affect people in both ways – cognitively and emotionally. Cognitively a person learns how to interact with some objects, gets the point of certain information. The knowledge and communication skills are improved thanks to visuals. Visual content helps people with low literacy to perceive and understand the information they find challenging to read. Emotionally visual content connects a person with an object, stimulates our imagination, and improves comprehension.

Why is visual content better than text?

Visual content is great because it is incredibly easy to produce, as well as much faster for the brain to process or “get” than written text. Your audience can look at a piece of visual content that has been posted and they will understand what it’s about in about ten seconds.

Producing visual content ideas are also far easier in terms of labor and time. A simple snapshot or video from your mobile phone can be uploaded to your social media in seconds.

A piece of text content needs to be read, digested and thought about in order for us to fully understand the message, while a picture needs hardly any time for the same effect.

Not only that, but visual content has a much higher rate of sharing and engagement than text content does. This is important for traffic purposes.

What’s the power of visual content?

Are you considering creating content for your brand? If so, have you considered the type of media? As well as the considerations that need to be taken to ensure the widest reach?

At Modern Currency, we use visuals to provide us with a greater understanding of stories, as well as to create easily digestible information. With the rise of social media, visual content needs to be impactful and informative to cut through the noise. 

Visuals are useful for telling stories and enhancing the meaning of messages to help make content more interesting. They present information in a new eye-catching perspective than words alone. Visuals allow for more of a personal and creative approach to communication, with the ability to explain complex information in a simple format.

Benefits of visual content

  1. grabs attention
  2. increases social engagement
  3. generates more views for your posts
  4. communicates more information, more effectively 
  5. We remember what we see 
  6. It’s easier to understand

Disadvantages of visual content

The main downside to visual content vs. text is that you lose out on the huge impact SEO has on content.

Since SEO is much more discoverable because of Google crawlers indexing sites than social shares are, you’ll be losing out on most of that SEO impact by focusing solely on visual content.

If you have an image that’s viral however, it probably won’t matter anyways, but this is definitely the risk you take when going with visual content.

Instead of the high ranking that goes along with good SEO, you’ll have to depend on a large number of people constantly sharing you to drive up your rankings.

If that does happen, and you do rank highly on Google for a while, odds are good that you can probably “coast” for a long while depending on your competition. But replicating success like that is hard to do. Not impossible, but very difficult.

Why visual content is important in social media?

Your target customers want visually stunning images and not just a bunch of text. Using great visual pieces is a key way to improve engagement and create better brand recognition.

Long gone are the days when simply posting a text update on social media was enough to get you noticed.

Now, with SM nerds  you can include stunning images or interesting graphics to earn a high level of engagement from your audience

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