As more Digital marketing Agency in Dubai swamped the internet with products and services, marketers turned to video content as a powerful marketing tool to snare clients’ attention. Marketing by video and motion graphics is an effective strategy when trying to appeal to and convert your target followership. Due to the sheer glut of information available to marketers on a diurnal base, the average attention span of the ultramodern human for advertisements has dropped to 8 seconds. This means that marketers have to make use of the privilege of video marketing wisely. 

With the emotional video marketing capabilities on smartphones, it’s also an affordable and easy tactic to apply, no matter your business type. Almost every business with an online presence is struggling to gain attention, and the internet is awash with ingrained content. These statistics offer sapience into how other Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE are using the medium to reach, educate, and nurture their followership. 

Therefore, Marketing by video and motion graphics has become the most generally used format in content marketing, catching blogs and infographics overall. These can be promotional videos and brand liars, but they can also come in the form of native advertising. 

These videos are largely effective. 87 % of video marketers say that motion graphics video has increased business to their website. 

Of course, none of this will matter if the ad doesn’t lead to conversions. In this area, motion graphics video still reigns supreme. Studies have confirmed that videotape has a direct relation with increasing deals. 

What are motion graphics videos

Marketing by video and motion graphics represent an important part of vitality, and are particularly useful for businesses looking to pitch an idea, explain a conception, announce a product, or demonstrate a process. 

To put it in other words, the expression “motion graphics” refers to graphic design in stir. It can also be described as a form of vitality in which the textbook plays a significant part. Graphic design rudiments and icons in stir are all examples of animated ensigns and computer-generated designs that can be employed for a wide range of purposes. 

While some people might say that motion graphic videos are amped graphic designs, they would not be wrong. Motion graphics videos are a type of vitality. Meanwhile, vitality is a marquee term for the whole field of moving imagery, including everything from cartoons to clay motion. 

Motion graphics videos can be fluently understood and are shareable. According to exploration conducted by MIT neuroscientists, our smarts process visual information veritably presto — about 13 milliseconds on average per image! 

Motion graphics videos are short and get straight to the point; it packs all the essential information in just a nanosecond. This allows your target request to fluently understand and partake it with people who they feel are interested in the product or service in the video.

Why should you use motion graphics in your marketing?  

  • Colorful & Eye-Catching 

Colors play a pivotal part in grabbing the followership’s attention. Social media Facebook automatically plays, motion graphic videos, but set the advertisements to mute by dereliction. The voiceover isn’t the focus of the video. 

However, also the followership will manually turn the sound on if the content catches the followership’s eyes. Thus, the content should be information that’s both nonverbal and catchy enough to intrigue the cult within the first many seconds. 

However, if you add too important to the videotape, the motion graphic video may come inviting, which could be amusing but misses the whole point of the marketing. Digestible, Engaging, and Memorable 

When the Melbourne Metro wanted to run an announcement crusade for safety around trains, they could have invested in bills and hired many original actors to perform safety scenes; rather, they decided to try out stir design vitality.  The suddenly catchy and unique song “Dumb Ways to Die” went viral with 210 million observers. 

  • Fast & Cost-Effective 

Motion graphic video cut down costs vastly. It eliminates the expenditure of hiring someone to explain a commodity that can fluently be explained with many plates. Live-action video product is relatively precious and requires a position, plant, and indeed an entire crew. On the other hand, motion graphic videos can be done on a computer and takes lower time to complete. 

Any successful marketing plan must now include a motion graphic video. You may use numerous different feathers of motion graphic videos to promote your business.

So what motion graphic video type should you use? This question can be answered in a variety of ways, depending on the product or service you are promoting and the followership you are trying to target.

Types of motion graphics advertising videos

  • Interactive Social Media Posts 

Rather than posting a stationary image with a lengthy caption that most observers presumably won’t read, why not engage your social media followers with an interactive post like a motion graphic video? If you follow harmonious design practices with the videos, similar to an opening title sequence, your brand mindfulness will increase too. 

  •  Explainer videos 

 Explainer robustness is short videos that explain or present a business. Do you have a great story about why you started your business? Tell it with explainer videos. Explainer videos follow more or less the analogous factors, presenting the problem, the result, how it works, and incipiently, the call to action. 

  •  Totem 

An animated totem will make your brand indeed more memorable- it simply takes your totem and adds motion graphics or vitality to your design. While static designs have no good whatsoever, animated designs add flare and are attention-grabbing. 

With your totem, you have the chance to play with how it’s composed to produce an eye-catching vitality. All types of motion graphics are just stationary images that are manipulated to move. 

For illustration, if your totem involves indirect shapes, you could have them spinning or rotating before coming together to make the finished image. 

 Alternatively, you do not indeed have to make it complicated – you could simply take your totem and make it hang on the screen to give it a little bit of life. 

  •  Donations 

 You could be the stylish public speaker in a million long hauls. Still, if you’re presenting a commodity on a screen and it’s fully flat, this can hurt your donation’s success. 

 These types of motion graphics take visual rudiments of a donation, similar to bar maps, and move to engage the followership. 

As with infographics, if you amp the significant corridor, you’re likely to get the bystander response you want! 

  • Infographics 

Let’s face it, indeed when an infographic is showing some intriguing stats, occasionally we’re tempted to skim over it. 

 Still, making your infographic move will insure your followership’s eyes stay on the right effects. As a result, you’ll get the information across exactly the way you want it to. Infographics are most suited to platforms like LinkedIn, where allowed leadership prevails. 

These are the most widely used types of motion graphics advertising videos.  But still, there are other types that you can be used for different social media platforms. 


To sum it up, creating stunning content with motion graphic videos doesn’t take much time and costs lower plutocrats for businesses. 

Sm nerds Motion graphic videos are more memorable as they have advanced retention rates, and are a great source of storytelling. With the benefits of motion graphic videos, it’s no wonder that most brands and businesses are turning to them as marketing content.

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