SEO Package Prices, SEO or search engine optimization is one of the main elements in the E-marketing process of your product or business .Recently Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE  seek to include a SEO specialist in their team to improve their website and content to ensure that the first search results are released without the need for paid advertising.

The importanPricesce of SEO

There is a great competition between the sites right now and many of them share the same content to the public so the competition to appear in the first search engine results is huge and to ensure that your site appears in these first results, you have two options: either improve your site’s content in what is known as SEO or use Google’s paid services.

SEO offers you a permanent appearance in the first results pages. Recent studies have shown that users often browse the first three results that appear to them when they search for something, so SEO helps you to be among these first three results. It also helps you to ensure that all pages of your site are archived to ensure that search engines or what is known as pots have access to them, It also includes the speed of your site as Google  adopts the speed of the site for both mobile phones and browsing from the computer as the main reason to top the first search engine results.

What do SEO Package Prices include via SM Nerds?

  1. Finding out the order of your site’s appearance in search engine results and work to improve its appearance within the first results.
  2. Analyzing of your site and internal improvement “on page SEO”in terms of internal links. We discover the existence of internal links that contain problems and create strong links between your site pages to facilitate their archiving. We analyze the images inside your site completely as well as improve Meta tags whether for Meta description or for images.
  3. Analyzing competing companies and finding out who has the lead and rank them all as well as the keywords that these companies use to be on top.
  4. Finding keywords for your activity as each activity has its own words that the audience are looking for and topping the search.
  5. SEO specialists link your site to Google Maps to show up when people search for a business similar to yours.
  6. Improving the speed of the site, as Google adopts the speed of the site as the main reason to show it within the first search results.
  7. Improving the performance of the site on mobile friendly mobile phones as most users currently search through phones and a slow-speed site will not encourage them to continue. 
  8. Writing good content compatible with search engines to ensure that your site leads.
  9. Off page SEO, is a service that improves the site externally through backlinks on social media platforms and creates external links to link building your site with high quality and raise your site’s rank.
  10.  Provide monthly reports and statistics with real results.

Why choose SEO Package Prices from SM Nerds?

  • We provide you with SEO experts who do what you think and they manage the site completely.
  • Your site will get a good ranking in search engines in a short time.
  • We provide you with an analysis for your site and competitors to improve weaknesses and solve problems.
  • We offer you special content compatible with search engines.
  • We ensure to solve all the issues your site may face.
  • We provide you with constant technical support.
  • We use the strongest strategies and have all the tools that improve your site from the first month.
  • We have specialists in advertising your site on social media platforms and building links on sites with a strong targeted domain for your field.
  • We improve your site according to strategies to achieve what you look for with credibility.
  • We stick to our deadlines.

Do you want to improve your website? Be with SM Nerds the SEO experts to get the best results, request the SEO Package Prices service by messages or by calling us on our numbers listed on the site, and we will accept your request immediately.

Published On: June 29th, 2022 / Categories: Marketing Strategy /

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