Snapchat Marketing has approximately 249 million users all over the world. The format was, and remains, so popular that bigger, established platforms like Facebook and Instagram have espoused analogous features. 

About 180 million people in different countries use Snapchat Marketing for creating about 4 billion Snaps daily. Moreover, users spend about 30 minutes on Snapchat on average; with a total watches base of 18 billion videos every 24 hours. 

But utmost significantly, the stoner base is youngish than on utmost other Advertising on social media platforms Actually, 62 % of users are between the periods of 18-29. The youth generation is attracted to heavy content, and videos, with it being a major part of every platform they drift towards. 

In fact, 85 of consumers want to see further videos from their favorite brands. Snapchat users, especially watch a ton of interesting videos; especially if they are serving their viewing purposes. Thus, it’s time to take advantage of Snapchat’s marketing features.

Why is Snapchat good for marketing?

1) Drive traffic: Snapchat can help attract more visitors to know furthermore about the product or service. Marriot Bonvoy for example had a 3.4 x advanced ROI with Snap Advertisements and 35 percent further bookings than other platforms. 

 2) Boost engagement: this can be easily achieved through poll ads increasing the number of three-alternate video views in 9 out of 10. This perceptivity can also strengthen poll ads, and help you stand out from the competition. 

3) Develop brand engagement: shots from Snapchat’s creator community actually have over 2 trillion views, with 2 million lenses having been created with the platform’s Lens Studio. 

 4) Establish trust: Snapchat gives users a behind-the-scenes look into the product or service. Customers frequently follow businesses on Snapchat because they want to see what day-to-day it will look like, and get a skulk peak into the workings of the business. 

5) Increase purchases: Snapchat offers a dashboard to keep track of users’ choices and therefore to know their purchase intent, allowing you to know what the liability is of your followership copping your service or product. 

 6) Expand reach: Snapchat benefits can extend into the HR department. Snapchat can be very useful for traditional B2B businesses that want to show a more innovative, youth-acquainted approach.

What is Snapchat’s marketing strategy?

To localize your Snapchat marketing and encourage observers to take action with your brand, follow these quick tips 

  1. Know your client 

To make informed marketing opinions with Snapchat, you need to know who you want to target, who’ll be watching, and more importantly who’ll interact. By observing the exertion of Snapchatters, on average, people open Snapchat 18 times per day, contributing to 3.5 billion snaps. 

  1. Divide and segment

 Also, you will need to member your followership. Just like with a dispatch marketing list, segmenting your followership ensures that you are targeting observers with the right dispatches, at the right time. 

  1. Share engaging content 

When you post multiple images or videos, you need to produce a direct narrative that tells a story, with a morning, middle and end. With stories, Snapchat offers a range of ways to help marketers boost engagement and conversion rates. 

  1. Snap Map 

 Share real-time locales to notify musketeers or family of your whereabouts. Snapchat displays this point on an interactive chart, where you can view people, just as you would partake locales on Google Charts. 

  1. Geofilters

 Use a geofilter to design an image overlay so you can target your customers grounded on their position. Snapchat geofilters help promote your brand and produce viral and memorable marketing  juggernauts. 

  1. Deal offers 

 Figure brand fidelity and shoot a pasteboard or deal to your guests on Snapchat. Encourage users to take a screenshot of the offer and apply the “special law” to an online store, event, product, etc.

Snapchat for Business

Snapchat also tends to work stylishly with direct-to-consumer brands who can use the app to drive business to an e-commerce website or app. Since Snapchat lets businesses produce short, largely engaging content, it makes users heavily invested in those stories. 

Because of their high engagement rates, Snapchatters are 60 more likely to make impulse purchases grounded on products they see on the app.

Benefits of Snapchat for business

Snapchat is a unique platform, both in terms of its functionality and also the content that users anticipate finding there. To know more about the benefits of Snapchat advertising for business, read the following:

  1. Build Trust 

Uploading content on Snapchat isn’t the only way to engage with your followership. You can also reply and shoot direct shots to your followers. You can offer particular responses to make followers feel special and make trust. 

  1. It’s Fun and Engaging 

Snapchat offers many different advertising options similar to Sponsored Creative Tools like Geofilters and Snap advertisements with attachments that allow users to respond to an ad – as watch more or take an action. 

  1. There’s lower Competition 

 It can be difficult for businesses to cut through all the social media noise when they’re facing a lot of competition. On other platforms like Facebook, your major challengers may have established accounts and larger entourages. This is an occasion for you to stand out and stay ahead of the game when you start with Snapchat now. 

  1. Take Advantage of AR Marketing 

Snapchat is an easy entry point for stoked Reality Marketing. Assiduity experimenters have set up that roughly 7 in 10 Digital marketing Agency in Dubai  want to incorporate further AR features into their digital marketing juggernauts, as AR provides a lot of engaging content and gests for guests.


Indeed though it attracts a particular followership, there are still ways that using Snapchat for business can help grow your brand. 

Sm nerds use Snapchat as a powerful and strategic marketing channel, it can help you drive traffic, boost engagement, grow your business and increase deals more effectively than other platforms.

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