Social media marketing is one of the most important methods used by digital marketing Agency in the UAE to market services and products or promote your brand and it is one of the types of E-marketing that enhances the process of gaining a large number of customers and visitors to the website through several ways that make your project succeed. We will learn together about the definition of social media marketing and the most important platforms that help in expanding the marketing.

What is social media marketing?

  • It is a powerful and perfect tool to get a large number of potential customers for different business of all kinds.
  • E-marketing through social media is one of the ways of online marketing that includes creating and sharing content on networks in order to reach the marketing goals of your product, service or brand.
  • Social media marketing consists of several activities, including photos, texts, videos, creating media, paid advertising, and other content creation that attracts potential customers to your site.
  • Social media users are potential customers so it is necessary to exploit their activity and communicate directly with them to achieve excellent results in increasing the number of new customers and then increase profits and achieve goals.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The social media marketing strategy aims to achieve the best results by presenting the plans and the required points to be followed in marketing on the social media.

73% of the owners of companies and brands were able to reach their goals in a good time through marketing strategies that greatly benefited them in obtaining outstanding results.

Social media provides effective results according to the cost whether it is marketing through influencers or advertising on networking networks.

Digital marketing Agency in Dubai work on Building a social media marketing strategy provides several services in various fields:

  • Increase sales and boost traffic.
  • Good communication with new and potential customers.
  • Increase interactive audience.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Take advantage of influencer networks.
  • Create brand awareness.

The most important strategies of social media marketing

Chabot strategy

This tool is a solution to customer problems as it can communicate without human help. In addition systems with Chabot make the customers feel very comfortable by interacting with them in social media messages.

Your social media strategy becomes easy, as a result of integrating an AI-enabled Chabot into it through platforms such as chatty people

There are features that allow you to create a Chabot:

  • You don’t have to know about programming.
  • You can answer questions asked by the client.
  • Comments and direct requests can be received from Facebook, messenger 
  • Compatible with all basic payment systems.

Building personal experiences for customers

Building experiences for customers is one of the most important social media marketing strategies.

When you use your Chabot and execute it correctly you will be able to create many personalized experiences for your customers, plus it’s a great way to complete everyday tasks.

To do this, don’t link ads to your page, but do your ads to redirect customers to the Messenger window through your chat bot, and your ads will be linked to your Chabot automatically.

Features of Chabot include:

  • Gives the customer a private experience.
  • Increases sales.
  • Contributes to creating a good customer base.
  • Changes your customer’s traditional opinions about you.

Marketing strategy with effective content

When we talk about content and marketing, we should focus and pay attention to quality, as the success of many brands is linked to content that relies on high quality search engine optimization.

 The content that appears prominently is considered as one of the best forms of marketing and also publishing good content in the right way with organized publishing schedules in addition to repeating posts, all of this is a strategy that helps to increase the right customers and attract them at the right time.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The use of social media has benefits that increase day by day. One of the most important benefits is marketing through it. It has created a lot of opportunities and profits for many people around the world, there are many benefits of social media marketing like the following.

More spread of the product

Spreading your product, services or brand in a wide way is one of the best benefits of social media marketing, which is done by knowing the largest number of customers targeted by it, in a short time and with less effort.

Increasing visits to your online store or website

When you use social media marketing to post content, create ads, or display media and if social media users like it, the number of followers and visitors to your website or store will increase and then purchases will increase too.

Communicating with customers easily

Social media marketing provides an easy way of communicating between customers, stores and websites through comments or messages, where stores and companies can know users’ opinions of the products as well as receive complaints and suggestions and work quickly to solve them.

Achieving the highest possible profits

Social media marketing helped in increasing the sale of products and then increase profits as many people have benefited from them, in addition it helped some women to do business through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. The display and marketing of their products through social media has contributed to increasing the number of customers and achieving the best profits.

Providing the best products and services

The interaction between customers and marketers leads to offering more and better products. This encourages marketers to develop their projects and offers high quality products with affordable prices suitable to the public.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Working in E-marketing and trading through social media does not end, this market grows and continues day by day. Social Media Agency in UAE used powerful platforms which you can create online stores or commercial sites to display your brand, market it and attract potential customers to it, which are the following:


It is the largest and best platform for users, and because most users of Facebook are customers and those who make purchasing decisions, it is the best for social media marketing.

It is the most widely used platform, with about 2.27 billion active users registered per month, marketing through this platform is one of the important marketing strategies that is used to get the highest rates of users and achieve goals.

Whether achieving the goal is product promotion, branding or reaching more customers, Facebook is an excellent and powerful marketing tool and offers a good space to communicate with customers, if you want to get the best results


Marketing from this platform is an ideal choice for all E-marketing professionals in addition to high participation and high follower numbers.

The Instagram has helped many companies to reach a high level of success especially if you have the possibility of providing a high number of posts, so you can enhance and increase visits to your site.

There are many reasons why marketing through Instagram is an ideal choice for startups to be successful. You need to focus on creating unique messages, as well as improving posts, following a lot of marketing strategies and paying attention to the market you want, all of this helps in increasing your follower rates easily.


It is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world; you can increase followers on your website with Twitter, as it works on the success of your brand or company.

Many brands have made profits after getting a number of followers from Twitter as it is an excellent platform in attracting customers and targeting their interests; in addition it’s a very effective platform in expanding and developing the business.


YouTube is an important platform for entertainment but it is very effective in marketing through it and achieving profitable gains.

It is an important strategy for companies, which positively influences the marketing process, and this is because the content is visual which has a strong impact in attracting customers.

Marketing through the YouTube platform is also at the forefront, YouTube occupying the largest number of online video viewings occupies the largest number of video views on the Internet with more than 2 million users so you’re dealing with a very wide potential audience base.


It is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world, and its users reach about 293 million active users every day. The number of interactions on that platform is unexpected. These interactions and shares should be used in marketing for your product or brand.

By creating a Snapchat account you can get a lot of advantages that support your marketing strategy.

These advantages allow you to advertise your service or product, where you can target the right ages to view your product.

Targeting the geographical location that fits with the product’s display and its promotion.


It is a modern trend in the fields of E-marketing although it is not as popular as other social media platforms but it’s very effective.

Through it, you can market your business and reach potential customers through a professional and practical platform such as LinkedIn

Tips for social media marketing

  • First, you need to set your goals, which is the strategic power of social media marketing.
  • Be undisturbed and set goals you can achieve and make sure your goals are achievable
  • Get to know your customers and support the audience all the time until your strategy is supported.
  • You need to create a strategy for all customers’ social media, so that your target customers can help you know everything directly through the social media platforms on which you want to market your brand.
  • You have to select social media platforms intelligently, and it is not necessary that your product or service be available on all platforms, but the important thing is the good impact on a few platforms, in addition to the fact that the quality of the product is more important than the quantity of the product.
  • Create plans for your presence on social media which agree with your goals and attract potential customers, so take care of platforms that have more users.
  • Create a successful marketing plan, as marketers’ reliance on a reliable strategy is the most important success factor, with a rate of 538% which is an extraordinary percentage. Therefore, developing a strategic plan for marketing is the secret to achieving goals, success and increasing profits.
  • While developing your marketing plan, take care of choosing your online platform on which you publish and make sure it fits with you in terms of attracting targeted customers and leading the purchase process.

Finally, we have finished our article on social media marketing, in which smnerds shared some information that will benefit you about marketing. We hope that you liked it and we hope that we answered all your questions. You have all our love and appreciation.

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