Each field and business needs a method to promote its service or product, especially if the product or service is of high quality and also required among a large number of people so you need to know the successful marketing advertising methods that help you to advertise the product well in the good time and with the lowest cost.

The concept of marketing advertising

Marketing is the “art of selling” as it is a function of a company that is based on achieving and connecting customers’ desires to a certain value. Marketing is a range of active processes that reveal the advantages of customers’ products or services and promote products professionally to achieve profits for the company within an appropriate period of time.

The Marketing  also defined as an interactive process between the pricing of goods or service to achieve commercial exchange between the trader and the consumer, which makes it contribute to the consumer’s access to all the desires and needs required. Socially, it is an element that connects the material needs of society with responding to consumers’ demands through the delivery of service or product.

Marketing advertising objectives

The idea of marketing products and services is the best and most important solution in all fields where you can easily promote your product, which makes a lot of profits but it depends on the purpose of marketing that product. In the following lines we offer you general objectives for marketing advertising, which are as follows:

  • Achieve the best possible sales in the markets.
  • Obtain an appropriate rate of gains resulting from the sale of the product.
  • Get consumer satisfaction with products and services.
  • Search for new ways to stabilize or develop competitive positions between marketing companies for the same product.
  • Provide the services that consumers need quickly and in high quality.
  • Gain trust between marketing Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE  and consumers which increases profits and confidence in the product provided.

Marketing advertising strategies

The concept of strategy for successful marketing advertising methods is a digital concept that needs specialists to understand and implement the term professionally. marketing strategy is to develop a good plan to promote your brand, the service provided and then follow the results continuously, which improves the increase in product demand. marketing strategy also guides consumers to get to know the product first, try it out, and then finally obtain the product as this depends on attracting the audience.

The importance of marketing advertising

Marketing advertising is a key element in the sale of any product or service so it is as important as production. A high quality product can be available but it is not sold well and therefore there is no proper return and no profits due to the lack of marketing advertising of the product. Sometimes the cost of the product reaches 40 or 50% of the value of the product’s sale so it is equally important and equals to production. The importance of marketing advertising is also that it shows the product well in front of people and announces the existence of any changes or advantages of the new product and this is an important process as production.

Traditional successful marketing advertising methods

There are many ways of marketing, especially nowadays with the spread of the Internet and social media, advertising and marketing has become easier. Yet, the various traditional methods succeed in attracting people’s attention. The demand for products and services is one of the most important of these methods.

Advertising banners

Billboards in roads and streets are considered successful marketing advertising methods that have high rates of attracting a large number of people.

Flyers and brochures

Writing flyers and hanging them on store doors or writing posters and distributing them in the streets are free marketing methods that achieve great returns; by writing professional media content.

Referral and recommendation

People are known to be influenced by the opinions of famous beloved people in a particular product or service. If influencers recommend a product, this is a strong way that has an impact on consumers.

Direct mail

Due to the development in the ways of messages and receiving them via email or invoices, promotion by mail has become rare. If you need a different way to market your product and you want to be the only one to use this way you can send a thanks message, announce a discount on the product. But using that method can be expensive in printing and designing mail paper.


Television and radio marketing is expensive, but it has a positive and fast result in promoting products widely in a short period of time.


 Advertising the product in magazines and newspapers targeting certain groups such as parents and young people is one of the traditional methods of marketing.

Modern successful marketing advertising methods

You have a great business and want to promote it quickly and widely. Here are the methods of smart marketing that achieve profits for the company.

Digital marketing

E-marketing is a successful marketing advertising method of Digital marketing Agency in Dubai that attracts many people in the shortest possible time. Emarketing needs ways to promote the product, such as the element of suspense and leaving enough time to learn about products and their spread through all Social media management.

Renewing and adding ideas

Thinking out of the box is a new marketing method that helps in adding different creative ideas to promote the product in different ways, which achieves good profits.

Providing the benefit of the product

When you promote a service or product, it is necessary to clarify the benefit and value of its use in order to indicate and determine the age group and targeted class.

Expecting change

Thinking about changing the method of offering the product from time to time is one of the new modern methods of promotion. It increases sales and increases your chance of competing companies. Don’t be only a reaction to competitors who are making the change as this will reduce your sales.

Reliance on a reliable source

Marketing for a particular service needs a reliable source that increases product sales and attracts the audience and then increases profits.

Conditions of successful marketing advertising methods

Determine the audience

The most successful marketing method is choosing the target group which is one of the most important marketing factors .It is divided into the two types ,the first type is audience in general and the other type is a special category of audience and the type is determined according to advertising.

Content delivery method

There are different content delivery methods such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines, but the most famous one is Social Media Marketing.

Choose the right price

Determining the price of the product is one of the basic elements of any product that the public asks about when they see the advertising so it is necessary to choose the right price for the product’s advertising that is compatible with the product.

Choose the right place

It is necessary to choose a suitable place and a reliable source when you are marketing a particular product and also you should choose the place according to the product type.

Determine the right time

Choosing when an ad appears is considered one of the best strategies that helps in increasing the views of many people.

Develop plans and strategies to provide the best success marketing advertising methods that increase profits. You need some complementary elements to advertising campaigns in different places where a large number of people are stationed in order to get views that increase the demand for the product.

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