Video production

Video production

Premium graphic content ensures you a better and faster spread

At SM Nerds, we produce various videos creatively, as we have all the elements that qualify us for this, including photography equipment, professional cameras, expert photographers, as well as all lighting and sound control devices.

We also make adjustments to the videos after production as we have a group of the best content writers, video producers as well as directors with a long experience and history of producing videos professionally.

We consider every activity we work on as our most important project and give it great attention away from project costs.

Video Motion is winning element of your marketing campaign

At SM nerds, we design Motion Graphics videos that enhance your business with the help of highly skilled professionals with more than ten years of experience.

Creating a video Motion is done in an accurate way that brings your marketing campaign to the best results, starting from the scratch which is writing a professional script and choosing the best sound to affect your target audience, passing through recording in our studios equipped with the latest technology, reaching to the animation of the video.

In our work, we rely on the best programs in the field of motion graphics including 3D max, Maya pro effect and adobe after effect.

Of course, some people ask about the importance of using animated videos in their advertising campaigns!

What should be known is that studies have shown that individuals spend on video sites more than twice the time they spend on other sites, and statistics have shown that it is clearly important that more than 65% of the public are affected by visual content, as it is able to communicate the idea 90% more than others, and most of the time, this content is based on animation, which proves the strong benefit of using video motion as a key element in advertising campaigns.

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